Nexo Luce is a high end manufacturer of lighting fixtures. Through our various brands, we offer a complete range of professional lights for indoor, outdoor and decorative use. Oxen, the line dedicated to decorative lighting, is born from the passion for craftsmanship and matter.

Through high expertise in lighting and a made to measure quality, Oxen is an expression of elegance and minimalism made of clean simple cuts, a melodic integration between design and art.

Driven by the belief that a creative process is a continuous balance between intellect and emotions, aesthetics and precision, we pursued a stylistic research to interpret a line inspired by the world of “design”, eclecticism and the craftsmen of the Bauhaus school.

The manufacturing processes are those used in small workshops by Italian master craftsmen, where attention to detail and the manual execution of metal finishes or blown glasswork make every single lamp “unique”.

The tones and textural structures proposed marry the contrast between innovation and tradition, whilst knowledge of the matter and its processes allow us to make the most of its expressive possibilities.

Oxen explores the use of metal and glass, noble materials and ductile, leading to astonishing results and visual impacts.

Our procedures are paperless and our production relies on the use of renewable energy. Our team is global and acts like one thanks to technology that facilitates communication and collaboration; and, our products comply with Ecodesign regulations.